“Due to an unfortunate train accident, I lost a large amount of skin and flesh on the right side of my body and hip area. The doctors were concerned that they would have to amputate my leg due to the extensive damage and the high risk of infection. My doctor recommended the Kaqun baths. I took the baths three times a day, and the water began to heal the damaged area. I was so happy that my leg was not going to be amputated. My family needed me. I would like to thank the Kaqun staff. “
Paul B

42 years old

” I was born with skin problems and for a long time we thought it was an untreatable genetic problem. One of my friends recommended that I take the Kaqun baths. I had nothing to lose.  So I thought I [would] try it. I went through a 14-day bath treatment and happily saw significant improvements. After so many years of struggles, something finally helped my skin problems! Since then, I completed more bath treatments and I cannot imagine my life without Kaqun Water. I am grateful for the help.”


Becca H

28 years old

“I accidentally scalded myself at home. I [burnt] my upper body and my arms My mother has been a member of the Kaqun club [Member], so we immediately went to start bath therapy. It was scary at first, because I had the burn injuries. I was pleasantly surprised that after just a few sessions in the Kaqun bath my burns have shown great improvement. I will forever be grateful for Kaqun, because I don’t have to live with my ugly scars.”
Casey L

34 years old

Kaqun Water for Pups.
“Our greatest dream was to have a baby. I finally got pregnant, but my blood results were troubling and were afraid we were going to lose our long-awaited baby. A friend of mine suggested that I try the Kaqun baths. I started to take bath treatments and my blood results started improving. I was drinking the water and taking the baths throughout my pregnancy. Now I am a proud mother of a beautiful six-year-old, healthy little girl. Since then we take the Kaqun baths and drink the Kaqun Water together. Thank you Kaqun. ”


Jemma B

32 years old

“I would like to thank you personally. Kaqun water saved my son from acute respiatory distress syndrome. He developed ARDS from a cold. Labor breathing and difficult getting oxygen into his body. I gave him Kaqun water for 3 days and it kept his oxygen level at 96% and it saved his lung. The emergency doctors were expecting 88% or 92% oxygen and lung damage… Thank you.” 


42 years old

“I am an athlete and unfortunately I broke my collarbone. My doctor told me I couldn’t play for months. One of my teammates suggested that I try the Kaqun baths. Originally, my estimated recovery time would have been 4-6 months, but my recovery was reduced by half as a result of taking the Kaqun baths. Since then, I take the baths regularly and drink the water. Thanks Kaqun Team.”

30 years old

Kaqun Water for Pups.

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